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Stainless Steel ECO Friendly 

The stainless steel low-emission burners (ECO-Friendly Incense Paper Burner Bins) - that cut down on the smoke by half have proven to be popular due to its environmental and user friendly features.


These canister bins come with lids which prevent ash from flying out, and have holes to improve airflow for more efficient burning. Just 3 percent of ash is produced with the new burners, compared to conventional open-top red metal burner bins.

UniqueTech Pte Ltd have readily available bin and custom fabricate bins based on the required dimensions.

Key features of the burner:

  • Durability and safety- 2 layers of Stainless Steel with cavity gap (minimise the outer layer from blackened easily. The outer layer will not be overheated due to the cavity gap between the 2 layers)

  • Low emission of ashes

  • Custom made to suit clients' requirements. Standard dimension for commercial: 1.65m (H) x 50 cm (W)

  • Mobility enabled with Castor wheels and handles.

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