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Whether at HEIGHT or DEPTH, our Work at Height & Rope Access Division Teams will work with you to review your at height working requirements and provide solutions that are both practical and cost effective.


To provide unprecedented levels of quality and timely project delivery with no sacrifice to SAFETY. 


To continue to exceed our client's requirements and providing for the safest and efficient solutions. 



UniqueTech Pte Ltd was founded in 2002 as an Applicator for waterproofing manufacturers.

In 2004, the humble operations stepped-up and expanded its business to secure contracts undertaking Building Maintenance and Waterproofing Works for Town Councils.

Since 2007, UniqueTech has been working closely with designers and consultants on Design & Build projects.

Today, the modest operations has grown to include its own Steel Work Fabrication Factory and leverages itself as an Integrated Work at Height Solutions Provider with the introduction of its Engineered and Rope Access Division (R.A.D.). 

Our R.A.D. Teams are highly trained, experienced and multi-disciplined in their field of expertise.  Finding solutions, both conventional and alternative is where our R.A.D. Specialists and Operatives excel. 

Our value add to clients is our ability to provide a vast array of additional services that support the various maintenance needs of our clients.

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